Fun Things to Do in Arizona
on Your Next Vacation

Wherever your journey takes you as you experience the many things to do in Arizona, one thing is for sure and that’s the lasting memories that you will take with you.  There’s and endless list of outdoor adventures and American Indian culture.

We want to thank you for visiting our site and thank you in advance for booking your activities with us.  It is more than just our pleasure to guide you to the attraction that suits you best!  With all of the history and variety of cultures that make Arizona what it is today, you will surely get a taste of what it must have been like centuries ago.   If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.  We would love to hear from you!

Family attractions in Arizona are home to many natural wonders including the “Grand Daddy,” the world famous Grand Canyon.  Tours both inside and surrounding the Canyon are readily available.

Enjoy such activities as Airplane tours, Helicopter tours, hiking, river rafting, the world famous Sedona area that attracts many from around the world. It is considered one of the top places to see in Arizona and offers Native American history and heritage and unbelievable views of the breathtaking Red Rocks not seen anywhere else, Jeep tours, the vortex, hiking, local vineyards, along with some of the hotels and spas. It’s well worth taking several days, if possible, to get the most out of your stay.

Looking for Arizona things to do that do not include tours?  Discover many other choices such as the many attractions in Sedona that offer the amazing nurturing (and often healing) experience associated with the world famous spiritual red rocks!  If you have not experienced Sedona, I highly recommend you to put this on your list.  When I visited Sedona for the first time, I understood why people kept telling me, “You must go to Sedona!”   

You really have to experience Sedona in person to truly understand just how special this area is.  If you just want to “kick back” and relax by the pool in one of the nearby hotels, your options are quite plentiful that include a calming spa!  If you are a golfer, there are several courses to consider.

Things to Do in ArizonaBisbee Olive Oil and Old Bisbee Brewing Company

Arizona is home to not only the desert southwest… if it’s history that interests you, consider exploring the state’s rich history along with historic towns and ancient places that will take you back in time hundreds of years and even longer, depending on where you go.

Whether you are an adventurist at heart looking for that unique hiking adventure or rafting tour in the Grand Canyon, someone who wants a bird’s eye view on an airplane tour or hot air balloon ride, someone looking to rent a cabin in the higher elevations, looking for a boat tour on one of our many lakes or someone looking for a local vineyard, cultural museums or ancient Indian ruins, the fact is, these are just a handful of things to consider if you are looking for a unique and enjoyable experience that will last a life time.

Let’s explore some additional exhilarating and one-of-a-kind things to do in Arizona that are very popular for both visitors and Arizonans alike!

Exhilarating Hot Air Balloon Rides

This is one of those tourist attractions in Arizona that is definitely on the popular Arizona Attractions list just waiting for you and your family or friends to jump into the basket!

Bird’s Eye Breathtaking Airplane Tours or Helicopter Tours

Nothing quite compares to these excursions!  Priceless… Getting up close to the mountains, lakes, red rock formations will leave you feeling special.

Memorable Nature Horseback Riding Tours

I call this a great stress reliever because of the intimate experience with nature.

If it’s a cultural experience you are in search of, carve out an hour or two for the popular Heard Museum in Phoenix known for its deep layers of history which also includes narrated points throughout.  The Heard Museum is a great way to absorb the true long-term history of the southwest culture of Arizona, educating every visitor with a better understanding of the arts, its heritage which includes the ancient ways of our indigenous peoples as well as a great emphasis on the many American Indian tribes.  

When I first moved to Arizona many years ago, the museum is an attraction I visited and I am glad I did.  I learned so much from the many exhibits and detailed information provided within.  Even the kids will love it!  It is very interactive and they have some fun activities just for the little ones.

If you are in search of Arizona family vacations that include something simple for the entire family, there are plenty of choices as well!  There are many log cabins in the high country that offer great deals throughout the entire year and cater to families.

As you can see, Arizona tourist attractions come in a wide variety of packages and activities that can be customized to anyone’s liking.

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