Rent A Cabin in Arizona... You'll Not Regret It!

Are you looking to rent a cabin in Arizona because you just heard temperatures in the valley of the sun are going to reach 117 degrees by July 4th? Or, do you just want to treat yourself and your family to some beautiful scenery along with some relaxation?

No the time of this writing, I heard that it was going to reach 117 degrees by our national holiday, Independence Day.

After first hearing that, I thought that people would be looking for some information on getting away for at least a day to the cooler elevations to the north. If you would seriously like to rent a cabin in Arizona, you are not alone. Many feel that this is a great idea to help cool down.

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No matter where you live, or whatever your reason is for wanting to rent a cabin in Arizona, there are some things that you should consider before you rent one.

First of all, there are many other words that really mean the same thing when talking about cabins.

Other Similar Words You May Hear Are:

  • cottage
  • lodge
  • bungalow
  • hut
  • log cabin

Tips to Rent a Cabin in Arizona...

that you may wish to consider to help you have a memorable experience.

Determine What Kind Of Cabin You Desire

There are different types of cabins. Inquire about what kind of amenities they have. Do you want to rent a cabin so that you can "rough it," or do want to be catered to with nothing less than luxury?

If looking for the finer amenities, then perhaps renting a cabin is not for you, and maybe you would be better off staying in a modern hotel.

If you rent a cabin in Arizona, keep in mind that there are some cabins that do not have a television, microwave. Some only have a shower with no bathtub. If these things are important to you, you may wish to inquire about these items when you call to rent a cabin.

All of the cabins I have stayed at were not hotels, and that is because I was out in the wilderness to enjoy, you guessed it....the wilderness! It's just my personal opinion that people who want to stay in a cabin, lodge, cottage, bungalow, whatever you wish to call it, want to get a taste of the real outdoors.

Make sure you ask management if they permit animals at the cabin where you wish to rent a cabin. Many cabin rental companies do not allow pets, so it is wise to ask.

On that note, if you do have allergies to animals, you may wish to choose to stay in a log cabin where they do not allow pets, which will assure that you do not ruin your stay because you had an allergic reaction.

Consider Everyone In Your Party Before Reserving Your Cottage

Having stayed in log cabins before, I know that it is not like driving up to your local hotel on the paved road, check in, and boom, there you are inside your lovely room!

Take into consideration that many of these cabins require a little effort to get to, meaning that you may not have the luxury of driving up to your lodge on a paved road. Some of these cabins are "out in the sticks" which may be an issue if you have a baby, or if you are elderly or have an elderly person in your group, you may wish to inquire just how accessible the cabin is from where you will be able to park your vehicle.

Also, if you or someone has physical challenges, you may wish to rent a cabin where there is less rough terrain. Some of the roads are going to be rough to drive on and may also have steep stairways that will make it extremely difficult to get up and down on.

Inquire About Any Safety Features That Are Available

Some of the log cabins have hot tubs but are not be child proof, which obviously is a concern for you if you are a parent or guardian.

Please keep in mind, too, that some of the cabins that you find were built before there building codes for stairways were enforced. So, if you have physical limitations, just ask.

How Far Away Is The Closest Medical Facility From Where You Wish To Rent A Cabin?

You never know if you may need one. Even if you are in great health, accidents can and do happen. It's always a good idea to have a plan in place in the event that you or someone needs medical attention. Find out where the nearest clinic or hospital is located from where you wish to rent a cabin.

Ask If There Will Be A Telephone In The Cabin. Even if you have a cell phone, there may or may not be cellular service in the area where you will be. Certainly in an emergency, it is a great piece of mind knowing there is a land-line telephone in case you need one.

If Staying Longer Than One Day, Ask About Their Cleaning And Maintenance Schedule

Again, keep in mind that staying in a cabin is quite different than staying in a hotel. You will not always have the luxury of having a maid stop by to clean your cabin if you are staying a couple of days.

Although some lodges do offer 24 hour staff service, many do not.

Don't be surprised if you check into your lodge and never see anyone (except for a limitless supply of wildlife) the whole time you are there. It just depends on where you are staying and what services they provide.

If you have never been in the wilderness before, it is quite the experience, especially for the first time. To some, it may even seem a bit scary as they may be so used to the city life and not have any idea what it is like to hear ONLY the sound of the wilderness at night!

Do A Little Research On The Type Of Weather You Can Expect

At the very least, when you make your reservations, ask management what kind of clothing you should take with you. Ask what type of shoes and clothing that they recommended.

Whatever Kind Of Weather, It Is Always Wise To Take Along Bug Repellent, especially in the thick woods where you can expect to see a few bugs.

Inquire About The Kind Of Activities You Can Do While There

OK, so what activities are there to do, once you rent a cabin in Arizona? You may wish to do some hiking, biking, rock climbing, or just some good old fashioned sight-seeing or perhaps a nearby museum or special monument.

The staff on site will likely know about any of the local attractions, so ask them what activities the area offers visitors.

Many of the cabins will also have discount coupons for their visitors who are looking for special activities, too, so be sure to ask!

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