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Ask any serious fisherman and they will likely tell you that fly fishing has been around forever. Just about any of your favorite fish are game with the sport such as trout, bass, salmon, crappies, and steel-head.

Fly Fishing Arizona is very popular and you couldn't have picked a better state to try your skills at an ancient sport and way of life, for many.

In essence, fly fishing is a sport wherein fisherman and fisher women catch their prize through the use of artificial flies that are cast out in the water in combination of a fly rod and a fly line.

The flies themselves, are made with materials such as fur, hair, and feathers and then tying these items together, subsequently attached to a hook with a thread.

Fly fishing can best be described as casting a line rather than a lure, as with the other form of fishing that most people can relate to.

Fly rods come in different shapes and sizes but the parts of the rod are all the same. You'll also find that there are many colorful arrangements available, too.

There are three types type of string that can be used. Just remember that, the smaller the number, the lighter the line will be.

Referred to as the fly line, this type is thicker and also heavier than your normal fishing line. It is heavier because you need something that will pull the fly along the water.

Make sure that you know for sure that you are putting the correct end on the fly-rod reel first. Fortunately, most fly lines will have a tag of some sort, indicating which end goes on the reel first. If you still have questions or not sure about assembling a rod yourself, you can always ask the sporting goods store to assist you. They will likely be more than happy to assist you with the assembly.

The main part of the rod, or the central shaft is commonly known as the rod blank. This is the section where the other parts of the rod connect. You will find that many of the rods are made out of graphite, but other materials have been used.

You may also find people referring to the Rod blank as the tip. If you look on the rod, you will see that there is a heavy section of the fly-rod is commonly known as the butt. Generally, blanks are made of graphite but there are still other materials that can be used.

Located at the butt of the fly-rod is the reel seat. The rings found on the seat are designed to lock the reel and the foot in place.

Here are some basic steps when assembling your Fly Fishing Arizona reel:

Step 1:

First, you need to assemble the fly-rod. Next, attach the reel. (This applies if the the reel and the fly-rod were packaged separately.)

Step 2:

If you take the time to study the rod itself, you will notice that there are sections that exist on the rod.

Once again, this heavier section with the grip is referred to as the butt section. The ferrule is the connection between the male and female pieces of the rod.

Step 3:

Next, place the tip end into the butt end. (If you have multiple pieces, you can start assembling at the tip end of the fly-rod.) Align the guides. These are the metal eyelets that the line will go through later on. This is because, ideally, you will want to twist the tip end of the fly fishing Arizona rod and then twist it into place.

Here is another tip: Begin with the sections offset at an approximate 45-degree angle. By doing this, you will have lined it up correctly at the time when you twist it into place.

Here is a good rule of thumb to follow:

For three-piece rods, Connect the top two pieces together. Assemble the same way as a two-piece rod.

For four-piece fly-rods, assemble both the top two as well as the bottom two sections and then put them all together.

Note that it is advised for you to be careful when assembling your rod. Do not push or pull the pieces of your rod together by the delicate guides. I have heard of anglers who have broken a guide by applying too much pressure, so just be careful.

Step 4:

Make sure the connection between each section is tightly fit together. Just keep in mind you will want to be able to take it apart without a lot of extra effort, so don't assemble it so tightly that you break a sweat trying to disassemble it. You would hate to ruin your Fly Fishing Arizona experience before you even start!

Step 5:

This step is perhaps the most important step. Unless you are ambidextrous, you will want to make sure that you place the reel on your dominant side.

In other words, place the reel on the right side if you are right handed and on the left, if you are left handed. The reel seat is the part where the reel is attached to the rod. The foot is the area where the bar of the reel runs across the reel.

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