About Us

Monty Stewart and Cecilia Valenzuela are proud co-founders of My-Arizona-Desert-Living.com

Our My Arizona Desert Living site is (as the name implies) about the state of Arizona.  We wanted to create a site that really spoke to people.  We also wanted a site that comes from the heart of two people who are not Arizona natives but love this state.  Our site contains personal experiences, special events, fun filled one-day activities, travel, weather, wildlife, lakes, airplane tours, helicopter tours, jeep tours, biking trails and so much more.   

We are a growing website about the state of Arizona! We pride ourselves in showcasing this beautiful state, its people and businesses.

My-Arizona-Desert-Living.com provides valuable information for our online visitors everywhere. Whether you live in this great state or are looking for a place to vacation in the winter, we strive to give you the information that you just may be looking for. We are constantly updating our site for YOU so if there is something that you cannot find on our site, we encourage you to contact us so that we can serve you better.

Thank you!

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