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Are you planning to Move to Arizona? Are you sure it's the right decision? Chances are you looking for some additional information to help you make such a big decision.

Move to Arizona

Having moved from the Midwest myself, I know that it is something that needs to be thought out carefully, as there is so much more to think about in addition to figuring out where you are going to live or maybe work.

There are other very important things that need to be considered, such as jobs, schools, housing, environment, culture, and more,when planning to Move To Arizona.

Certainly the heat should also seriously be considered. I have heard several people say they just can't stand the heat and are moving back to where they came from and that they should have never considered the Move To Arizona. Others say quite the opposite, like myself, who wonder how they ever lived in Wisconsin or Minnesota for so long.

For me personally, the winters just seemed as if they were getting longer every year. I think there is some truth to what many people have said about the winters getting harder to handle when you are older. Without a doubt, my Move To Arizona was the right decision. If possible, it would not be a bad idea to visit Arizona in June, July, or August to see if the heat is something that you can deal with.

If you are concerned about the job market here in Arizona, you will be satisfied in knowing that in 1999, Newsweek magazine projected that at least in the Phoenix area, the magazine predicted that the city would become the "second largest job growth engine" between 1999 and 2025, despite these tough economic times.

Also, if you are an entrepreneur, the Phoenix area is a phenomenal place to be with other entrepreneurs. Networking is limitless here.

If you are looking for some tips to help you make your Move To Arizona transition smoother, I have compiled some tips that will hopefully assist you with before you move to the Grand Canyon state.

Here Are Some Helpful Moving Tips:

1. Create a Move To Arizona notebook and calendar

when you have determined your move date. (It will help if you choose a notebook that contains storage for your quotes, real estate papers, apartment information, job information, etc.)

Log the date when you plan to move to Arizona and begin to do the following:

1-a: Determine whether you are going to rent or own

and research the community that you are considering moving to. Take the extra step to contact the local police department to help you determine if the area is one that you would like to move to. This is very important.

You certainly do not want to Move To Arizona, only to find you chose an area which is crime ridden all over it. As beautiful as the state of Arizona is, there are gangs and drug dealers like any other metropolitan city. You will be happy you did and will feel much more "at ease" if you do this.

1-b: Notify your current landlord if applicable, with your notice to Move To Arizona.

Contact a Realtor, if applicable, to get your house listed on the market. This takes time so do not delay. Selling a house in never a "given," and can be very stressful. To make your Move To Arizona less stressful, see if the Realtor you chose can work with a local Realtor in Arizona to assist you find a new home once you Move To Arizona, Or,

Contact an "apartment finder" agency to assist you with your apartment search.

It's very difficult to look for an apartment when you are hundreds of miles away. Having an agency assist you with your Move To Arizona will certainly be a huge stress reliever.

You may also wish to consider renting a house.

Renting a house can many times even less than you would pay to rent an apartment.

Also, if it is your intent to purchase a home within a year or two, it may serve you well to rent a house that you would consider buying. Besides, think about how much you are looking forward to moving right now. What, you say? That is exactly my point.

If you dread moving as I and probably most people do, seriously think about locating a "rent to own" property. There are many out there and perhaps you would fare better if you contacted a realtor to help you with this.

I will say one thing, if I had it all over to do again, I would have certainly done this. The 2-bedroom apartment cost over $1,200 and I know for a fact that we could have found a house that would have cost a lot less! Besides, the neighbors we had next to our apartment turned out to be the "renters from Hell." There must have been 5 young kids living in there who wanted to do nothing but have loud parties and play their music loud enough for the entire apartment complex to hear. I would definitely not do that again.

1-c: Set funds aside for your Move To Arizona.

This can be very costly if you hire a trucking company, so plan ahead. In 2001, it cost me $700 to move my belongings and believe me, I didn't have much to move! I think I maybe had two rooms worth along with some kitchen items.

Check companies for pricing as each company will vary in price.

It certainly pays to shop around, and there are companies who will beat your lowest quote. (Make sure that you get a written quote.) Believe me, they all want your business so play "hard ball" and shop around. Make sure they have adequate insurance coverage should any of your belongings get lost or damaged during transit.

Also, if your employer is the reason for your Move To Arizona, inquire if they will pay for the cost of your move. If not, it won't hurt to ask if they will at least pay a portion of the cost. Make sure to keep your receipt of payment for any costs paid by you for your taxes. Allow your Move To Arizona to work for you!

1-d: If you have children, contact the appropriate school district

which by the way you can do online nowadays) and enroll your child or children. Make sure you have the school district mail you all of the pertinent information including the bus schedule, if applicable. Also make sure you have a copy of their immunization records, too, as this will be required for them to enroll in school once you Move To Arizona.

1-e: Start sorting through items that you no longer need!

I know this may sound premature, but believe me, you will appreciate the fact that you did these way ahead of schedule. Three things: you are going to have so much on your mind with the move itself, that time is going to just fly by. What will you do when it is the very next day when the moving truck is scheduled to show up and you haven't even started packing? I have seen this happen to people and always wonder why they waited until the last minute.

When you start sorting your items, make sure that you set aside enough items such as dishes, clothes, or any personal items, if you are having your items shipped separately from you. Keep those items separate from the other boxes so they do not get shipped accidentally.

Secondly, if you start going through your items several weeks ahead of time, you won't have to panic when you are "under the gun" so to speak.

Thirdly, why pack items that you have not used in years and will have to pay for? Trucking companies charge you by the weight! So, don't lug those heavy items around and take them with you if you don't need them. Take them to Good Will or have the Vets come by and pick your no longer needed items. They would be more than happy to take them off of your hands. Not to mention that these organizations love and depend on donated items for the less fortunate folks.

1-f: Start searching for a job, if applicable.

A couple of helpful tips are, post your resume with such job recruiting agencies such as, and any other agency you prefer. Unless you have deep pockets, start looking as soon as possible.

You may wish to consider substitute teaching until you find what you are looking for. Many of the districts pay around $100, sometimes more. (You will need to have at least a Bachelor's Degree and a fingerprint clearance card as well as approval from the Department of Education.) It is not a lot of money, but at least it might very well get you by until you find a job that you are looking for. The nice thing about being a substitute is that you choose which days you are available for.

You may also wish to consider speaking with a "temporary agency," which will also likely suffice until you are able to find the job of your choosing.

2. Notify Any And All Creditors Of Your Move To Arizona, Once You Know Your New Address.

This also includes your insurance companies, too.

2-a: Notify your local post office and complete a "change of address" form.

2-b: Request copies of your most recent doctor reports,

f deemed necessary. Don't forget your kids and or pets, too!

2-c: Research a local storage company in Arizona

nd start getting quotes if you feel you will need to store some things for a while. Make sure you get the quotes in writing and place this and other documents in your Move To Arizona folder that you have created.

2-d: Contact your local bank and close your bank account.

2-e: Contact all of your current utility companies and notify them of your Move To Arizona.

Inform them of the day you wish your utilities to be turned off.

Also notify the local utility companies in Arizona and set up your new accounts and write down any pertinent information such as your new phone number. Have the move-in date handy when calling and be prepared to put down a deposit to do this.

2.f: Obtain moving boxes.

f you don't have the extra money to spend on expensive "moving boxes," you can likely get as many boxes from your local grocery store. If you have the extra money, say $20-30, you can get a couple of very sturdy boxes from your local moving store.

I bought a couple and it was well worth the money to be able to put some of my nicer clothes into a box that came with a metal piece to hang some outfits on.

You may also wish to invest a "dollie" to make your Move To Arizona easier! Your back will certainly thank you! You can either rent one or buy a nice one for around $30-40. Don't buy the dollie with the cheap wheels, though. Believe me, it does make a difference. If you purchase one, choose one with the thick and heavy duty wheels. I think that they maneuver much easier.

2-g: Notify your employer of your new address

so they know where to send your last check to. Also, notify your friends and family of your new address.

2-h:Arrange care for your children and or pets if necessary.

Are you driving or flying? Either way, make sure you have planned ahead for this! Make sure your children have plenty of things to keep them busy so the number one question on the way isn't "are we there yet?"

If you have a pet, make sure they have a carrier and plenty of food and water on hand. If they do not care for rides in the car/plane, you may wish to consider something to help relax them.

3:Two-Three Days Before you Move To Arizona:

3-a:Make sure you have the keys waiting for you

o pick up when you arrive! Call and confirm this. Nothing could be worse than if you arrive and you cannot get into your new place.

Contact your landlord or whoever you have arranged your housing arrangement with to confirm your keys will be readily available.

4. After Your Move To Arizona:

4-a: Take a Deep Breath!

You made it! Take some time to relax. You have worked very hard to get this far and owe it to yourself to maybe go out and explore the area a bit or perhaps go out for a nice dinner.

4-b: Locate your local Department of Motor Vehicle Services Division (DMV)

in order to obtain an Arizona Drivers License.

(You may wish to find the exact location prior to your move so that you don't have to worry about having a phone book or internet service in order for you to locate the nearest DMV.)

You will have 60 days (If moving from another state) to register yourself. Do not delay this. If you do not complete this step within the time allotted and you get stopped by the police, or worse yet, in an accident, you could be cited for failing to register with DMV. Here is a tip regarding the DMV. Get there before they open to avoid having to wait there for hours.

If you would like information on registering your vehicle with the state of Arizona, see the Arizona department for Vehicle services at

4-c: Locate a local bank and open up a new bank/savings account.

4-d: Contact

This is a great service for individuals moving into new communities. Not only is it a great way to learn what is available in your new area, but it is also a great way to get some unbeatable coupons. I used the service many years ago and remember getting some great deals along with some "freebies!" Nobody wants to pass up "freebies!" Registration is free!


Hopefully you will be glad that you made the Move To Arizona!

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