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Whether you are a part-time or full-time resident of Arizona, it pays to keep up to date with the latest news and information.

Maybe you just want to learn more about our state. Maybe you would like to see why AZ has some of the most beautiful and world renowned golf courses. Maybe you would like to retire here (like so many others who have had their share of blizzards or inclimate weather as a whole and want to live in a warmer climate) or perhaps you are contemplating moving here and are in search of opportunities. 

Whatever the reason, you will discover so much to see and do by subscribing to the Arizona Desert Lovers e-zine.  Make sure to bookmark our site too because we are constantly updating our site!  Also, if there is something you do not see on our site that you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.  We welcome your thoughts and suggestions.  We love hearing from our visitors! :)  Oh, if you like what you see, please Like Us on Facebook!  Thank you!!

What you will find here is travel information including tips, maps, golf, RV information, history, geography, AZ natural products, our blog that keeps you updated about upcoming events and so much more... it all awaits you right here.  

AZ is a state full of wonder and beauty! Did I mention the Grand Canyon?  Our state  is known for the Grand Canyon and many people from around the world travel here just to stand next to it.  After moving here, I was finally able to see this awesome wonder!  If you have already experienced it, you know that pictures are great but to see the Canyon in person just cannot compare.  It truly is worth the trip.

As we create more information, you will get the very latest in information. Personal experiences and great tourist information for residents and non-residents alike...

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