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Welcome to Arizona Stories!  Our My Arizona Desert Living followers are curious by nature and adventurous at heart.  They’re fascinated by the western lifestyle and everything that makes living here so special. In response to their many requests to know more about the state’s early days, we’re happy to add this exclusive, feature page to our web site.

Arizona Stories

In the coming months, we’ll take our followers back in time to explore the lives and times of the men and women who helped turn this once wild and reckless desert territory into the magnificent state we know today.

Our features will be drawn from people who lived the experience, the miners, homesteaders, gamblers, cattlemen and farmers. Their hardships, victories, joys, loss and redemption will be brought to life through letters, historic and archival records, photographs and interviews with their descendants.

You could say our state had its beginning in 1863 when the territory of AZ was officially formed. What followed was a slow migration of misfits, outcasts, gun slingers, religious zealots, settlers and unsettlers, alike, who were running away from or running to something they hoped would be better.  It took the hard work and sacrifice of these frontiersmen and women to tame the place, and it is to these accidental visionaries, that we dedicate our new AZ feature.

One of the first of many we will share, will come from contributing writer, Jim Collier, an AZ native now living in Gold Canyon.  He has some marvelous tales to share!  Some were handed down to him by parents and relatives, while others have been pieced together from memories of long ago adventures and close calls. We think his personal, untold experiences of AZ Desert Living in the Olden Days will give readers fresh insight into the Grand Canyon state’s formative years.

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What Are Your Favorite Arizona Stories?

We’re excited to be adding this exclusive editorial content to our site and invite any and all of you who have your own AZ tales to tell, to share them with us and our followers.  Just provide a 300 to 400 word outline, include photos if you have them and send them to:
My Arizona
Desert Living Stories.

Our editorial staff is here to help with your copy and to provide guidance, if needed.   We look forward to your participation and to your comments on our new Arizona Stories feature.

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