Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

If you are looking for Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, or PHX airport  information, including flight information regarding the  you have landed on the right runway.

Sky Harbor is one of the top 10 busiest airports in the world.  In the winter, I am sure you can imagine how busy it is... people love to visit Arizona when the weather in the desert is, well, picture perfect with sun virtually everyday! 

If you have every traveled through, this will likely not come as a surprise to you. And if it has been quite some time since you last traveled through this airport, you will notice the expansion which never seems to quit... 

The City of Phoenix both owns and operates the Phoenix Airport System which consists of Sky Harbor International Airport, Deer Valley and Goodyear airports.

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Flight Info

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Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Save On Airport Parking

Phoenix Sky Harbor is home to three terminals, referred to as Terminal 2, Terminal 3 and Terminal 4.

Sky Harbor is located just three miles east of the downtown Phoenix, Arizona area. The address for all three terminals is listed below for your reference.

Here is the address:

3400 East Sky Harbor Boulevard

Phoenix, Arizona 85034-4405


(602) 273-3300 Telephone Number

Each of the four terminals come equipped with its own parking garage, restaurants, shops, along with everything needed for your ground transportation needs.

The entire facility prides itself with accessible Rental Car (including fleets) facilities filtered throughout each one of the terminals, which includes a FREE Rental Car Shuttle service.

Compare & Save On Airport Parking

The rental facility is very accessible once you arrive at the airport. You simply go to the lower level, identified as Ground Transportation, and walk out of the sliding doors, where you will find shuttle vans constantly making stops outside the doors, for your convenience.

The FREE Rental Shuttle service will assist you with your bags and transport you west of the airport to the rental facility where you can pick up a vehicle. According to Sky Harbor, there is convenient parking for 8,859 vehicles and a separate free shuttle system which provides travelers the convenience of getting to another terminal, if needed.

This airport has a total of 23 domestic and international airlines operating there. The two largest airline carriers are US Airways and Southwest Airlines.

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