Flagstaff Arizona

Flagstaff Arizona offers the highest mountain in Arizona. Stop in Flag before traveling 80 miles north to one of the seven-wonders, the famous Grand Canyon! Flagstaff has an elevation of 7,000 feet, you are certain to be amazed, especially if you have never traveled to the area.

Flagstaff is every outdoor sportsman’s dream and is often referred to as the destination for all seasons because regardless of when you travel here, you will have plenty of choices to choose from for your activities.

This city has more recreation options than you will know what to do with. The beauty alone will keep you coming back for more. For the Arizona locals, Flagstaff is a great place to cool down in the 100+ temperatures in the hot summer months.

The Arizona Cardinals are also very familiar with Flag because every year at the end of July; they head to Flagstaff every summer for training camp.

The Cardinals training camp is held at Flagstaff's Northern Arizona University (NAU) and it is actually ranked as one of the top locations anywhere where you can catch the live action of an NFL training camp! Better yet, you can catch the action for FREE.

In the winter, Flagstaff is known for its skiing, mountain biking, bird watching, snowmobiling, and winter wonderland activities that will please any family.

In the summer, most agree that May through August is the perfect time to visit, with temperatures ranging from about 68 in May, to 80 in August.

You will be comfortable in the day but you will want to bring some pants for the cooler temperatures at night. And yes, make sure you DO bring your rain gear because the summer monsoon season in July through mid-September, it is possible to get caught in the afternoon rain.

If you are planning on traveling to Flagstaff and need a place to stay, check out the listings for Flagstaff Arizona Hotels.

If you are interested in seeing all the things to see and do, make sure you download the guide below. The downloadable guide will provide you with options such as dining, maps, events, hotels, inns and (self guided) Five Days of Spectacular Sights, Activities & Fun for Flagstaff tours.

You will find so many things to do, you may have to stay another day or two, in hopes of getting everything in that interests you and your family.

Outdoor adventure is never at a shortage when you travel to Flagstaff Arizona. While you are there, consider traveling to the almighty Grand Canyon! The Grand Canyon is a mere 81 Miles from Flagstaff.

Travel just 80 miles northwest of Flagstaff and you will experience the magical wonders of the Grand Canyon. If you do not care to drive yourself, there are plenty of tour companies that can get you there.

When I toured the Canyon, I opted for a tour company and I would suggest doing the same as there is just so much beauty to see! You can take a shuttle bus or even a big commercial bus if you do not want to drive.

Some other choices include such things as hiking, rock climbing, biking, skiing, rafting, canoeing, parks, Native American culture activities, art exhibits, and the famous Route 66!

Every year, Flagstaff Arizona continues celebrating the Mother Road, Route 66, as it is called. If you are traveling through in September, be sure to attend the Annual Route 66 Days Festival.

If you are a classic car fan, you will be in heaven with well over 300 classic cars. Dancing, classic music, art, food, and plenty of entertainment are all a part of this special event in Flagstaff. The Route 66 event happens every second week in September.

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