Kokopelli, the little "hunch-back" flute player as commonly known to many, has been around for centuries. He is regarded as the universal symbol of fertility for all life, inclusive of hopes, dreams, crops and love and has been referred to as the deity flute player or the fertility deity.

Some Native American Cultures, Such As The Zuni And The Hopi Tribes, View This Fertility Symbol And Flute Player As A God.

If you live in Arizona, or other parts of the southwestern region of the United States, you most likely have seen this icon on many items, including: Southwest Specialty Foods, Native American pottery, rock carvings, outdoor light fixtures, key chains, pictures, t-shirts, home decor, necklaces, candles and other pieces of jewelry or knick-knacks. I could go on and on.

There are so many items where I have seen this icon show his face. Tourists love him and the locals are more than happy to sell their fertility deity goods to anyone who wants them. There are numerous places where you can buy these goods. Many grocery stores have "huch-back" flute player items for sale.

If you want even more Kokopelli goods, you will definitely find your share of things to buy with his face and flute proudly displayed at any of the local "swap meets", as we call them here in Arizona. "Flea markets" may be a more common name to others.

Even many of the Arizona residents even can't seem to get enough of him. I, for one, can attest to this. I have several items myself. I even have a set of Kokopelli wine glasses. I guess I fell in love with him, too, in a sense. I am always anxious to see new items with this hunch back flute player stamped on it.

As mentioned, he is not something new to the desert. Many ancient petroglyphs and other Native American pieces of art have long depicted him.

Fertility Symbol

Some people believe that he would announce his arrival to the locals, by playing a flute as he traveled through, looking for women to impregnate, as he was well known as a "fertility symbol". Not only was he an excellent flutist, but he was well known as an excellent lover, which was far more important to the ladies in the villages that he would frequent.

It's believed his goal was to attract as many women as he could and from many folks that I have talked to about the meaning behind his legend, he certainly mastered his feat! Whenever he would arrive into a village, he would always be dancing and playing his flute not only his own heart's content, but also to his lady followers, as I like to call them.

I have read various meanings about what his humpback means. I have heard he is carrying different things on his back. One thing is for sure, though. You will always see Kokopelli with a humpback playing a flute.

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