Gold Canyon

Gold Canyon is to many, “a diamond in the ruff.” This may be a smaller community but small is not one of the words that the locals and the thousands of yearly visitors use to describe what it offers.

There are plenty of things to do no matter what your interests are. For me and many others, the unsurpassed beauty will keep you coming back for more right here...

  • Hiking the local trails

For what it is worth, my favorite is the trail just north of the Golf Resort where the petroglyphs are located.

To get there, just drive north on King’s Ranch Road until Baseline Road, go right and STAY ON Baseline Road until you reach the parking lot where the trail begins. This is an easier trail and will take you approximately 45 minutes to walk to where you will see the petroglyphs located.

The views will convince you to stay and just relax! Your worries will quickly fade away… trust me on that one.

There is also the Peralta Trail Hike which is also very good (Just east of Kings Ranch Road on the 60. Look for the signs). Many have told me that they really like this trail but they are both very good. I would recommend them both!

Have Fun!

  • Sightseeing
  • Cacti (When in bloom, saying that they are just “beautiful,” would be an understatement!
  • Wildlife (Coyotes, Javalinas, Road-Runners, Cardinals, Rattlesnakes… fortunately I have not come across too many of those… Gila Monsters, and many other creatures!
  • Camping
  • Gold Canyon Day of the Cowboy Event Every October that celebrates the Cowboy heritage!
  • Other special events with the backdrop of the Superstition Mountains… “priceless!” Every year, the Renaissance Festival is also a part of the activities. The event takes place every February through the first week in April and is just further east of the GC business district on the US 60.

In addition to things to do, the Lost Dutchman State Park (Less than 15 minutes away.. West of Gold Canyon in Apache Junction at the base of the Superstitious Mountains) There is the Superstition Mountain Museum that is always a must see, too! Gold Canyon Arizona is in Pinal County and home to Arizona’s number one rated golf course, known as Dinosaur Mountain Golf Course, which is what many avid golf fans come here for.

With two 18-hole championship golf courses, Dinosaur Mountain and the famous Sidewinder Golf Course that winds in and all around the foothills area, even if you have a “bad game,” at least the views of the Superstition Mountains will help comfort you!

I am a local myself and I take frequent walks here and I never get tired of the scenery… (especially the Superstitions!

If you are in GC and would like to go to Canyon Lake and enjoy the water…

Take Highway 60 (Superstition Freeway) to Apache Junction Exit.

Take Apache Trail to Idaho Road

Go Right (North) to Highway 88 (Apache Trail)

Drive a mere 14 miles Northeast on Historic Apache Trail

You will go just past the second one-lane bridge and the turn left into the Canyon Lake Marina where you will find both the water activities as well as the campground.

Growing up in Wisconsin, I never had the mountains in my backyard to look at… so they are pretty special to me… I know that other just as many of our other locals and winter visitors. If you would like to get to know more about the community and attend some of our local meetings, I encourage you to get involved and help support our local community and make a difference in the betterment for our Gold Canyon businesses as well as the residents who are not business owners.


The Gold Canyon Business Association - GCBA holds monthly meetings and always has meetings of interest for business owners and non-business owners alike.

The A.D.O.B.E. organization (Association for the Development of a Better Environment) is another organization where both the year-round residents as well as the visitors get together for monthly meetings that discuss topics that relate to the area and Pinal County, as a whole.

If you would like to network with other locals, consider attending the Gold Canyon Business Association meetings! NO need to be a member to attend.

If you are a business owner, get in touch with us to see how we can help you grow YOUR business. We are all about creating business relationships and working together to help everyone succeed in their business.

If you have a product or a service, we can sell your product or promote your Arizona business services online. If you have the product or service, we have the traffic! Let’s partner together and help Gold Canyon and help improve the economy for the state of Arizona!

If you have a special event or fundraiser, we will gladly post it on our blog. Just send us the event information to

Please help support our local businesses here! We depend on everyone who spends on any amount of time here.

Support Bashas’, which is the local grocery store on the US 60 as well as the other stores located by Bashas’, the local medical and health care facilities, the GC Golf Resort with its two restaurants, the car washes, Goin' Postal on Kings Ranch Road, the realtors, Chris Bukovac from Conquering Computers, Chen's Chinese, and all of the service related businessmen and businesswomen, who depend on your business right here.

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