Sedona Hiking

Ah, yes, Sedona hiking!  If you are headed to one of Arizona’s favorite attraction locations, you’ve made a great choice!

There are many great Sedona hikes on some of the most amazing trails from which to choose.  Whether you consider yourself a beginner or a seasoned hiker looking for a challenging trail, you can find them listed here.  Broken Arrow Trail, trail #125, is considered an easy trail and perfect for families or those who need something a little less challenging on their joints.  Don’t be fooled by the ease of this POPULAR trail though… you will still be surrounded by some of the best red rock scenery the area has to offer! 

Many Choices for a Sedona Hiking

Most people, including me, can never seem to get enough of these beautiful one of a kind sightseeing experiences that awaits every visitor.  Let’s discover the many choices

If you are looking to make your trip centralized in terms of not wanting to have to travel by car to get to the trails, there are actually a few hotels in Sedona that will suit you perfectly because the trails are literally just steps outside of your hotel room.   How’s that for convenient access? 

Sedona is a short drive from the metropolitan Phoenix area… only about 120 miles north… it’s a very nice and scenic drive to your destination.  (Kings Ransom Inn Sedona, Enchantment Resort and Kings Ransom Sedona Hotel are the hotels that are located next to some of the best Sedona hiking!)

The famous stunning red rock formations that so many are familiar with is no wonder.  After ones’ very first trip to this tranquil but very exciting area will undoubtedly have you hooked!  There REALLY is nothing like the views in person… and what a better way to appreciate and experience them than by hiking them! 

Some of these names you may be familiar with… formations such as Cathedral Rock, Snoopy Rock and Thunder Mountain, to name a few.  Some of these breathtaking formations can be seen throughout the area.  Whether it be on some of the most beautiful paintings in art galleries, exquisite Native American art or even high above on an airplane tour or one of the local helicopter tours, the area is all about the wonderful experience that the Coconino National Forest offers.

Because of our warmer climate in the desert southwest, any season is a good choice.  It just depends on whether or not you prefer the summer or winter months.  Just keep in mind that the winter months are typically much cooler.   You can expect around 60 degrees January and February, mid 60’s in March,  75 in April, 84 in May,   mid 90’s June through August, 88 in September, 78 in October, mid 60’s in November and 57 in December… so for those of you who live in the tundra in the winter months, the winter weather is perfect!

Whatever time of the year you choose for your next hiking in Sedona excursion, please remember to make sure you take plenty of water, sunscreen and a hat.  Hiking shoes or boot is highly recommended for the rough terrain you will encounter.   If you hike in the summer, I would advise you to wear a sunhat.

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