Arizona Desert Plants

There are literally hundreds of Arizona desert plants.  You can find anything from the Agave to a Zinnia and hundreds of species native to Arizona such as the Saguaro in between.  If you would like a listing of plants that do not require a lot of water, scroll down for a free downloadable brochure!

Many people prefer the plants that are considered low water plants in Arizona because they prefer to conserve water.  Did you know that up to 70% of the water used in our state is used for outdoors? 

Knowing the high percentage of water used for the outdoors, the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association does its part at promoting and educating both the residents and visitors alike, about using water wisely so that we can assure future generations safe and sustainable water supplies throughout the entire state of Arizona.

If you would like to help conserve water by planting Arizona plants that do not use a lot of water, consider planting low water plants by following this brochure link: 

Shrubs, in fact, are a great way to have the perfect foundation for a picturesque landscape with the many Arizona desert plants to choose from.  Before choosing your plants in Arizona selection, it is best to plan out the space you have to work with.  Keep in mind that many of the shrubs and plants grow quite large or sprawl out which can either crowd the area or even look awkward, depending on what you plant.

Click Here if you would like to receive your very own AZ desert plants guide that has over 200 low-water plants that do quite nicely in our Sonoran desert landscaping.  If you already know of a plant that you would like to select but would just like some information on it, they are all listed alphabetically.  All of these are considered drought tolerant plants in Arizona.

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You can get helpful tips on your plant selection at the following link:   Here you will find the hardiness of each plant, how much water it requires, growth information, how much sun it needs and so much more.  You can even request a free copy of the same booklet I have, which (to me) is a treasure because I am always looking for ways to conserve water.  

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