Sound Tuning Forks

What Are Sound Tuning Forks
And How Can They Assist You?

Sound tuning forks are nothing new and in fact, they date back hundreds of years when first used...

These forks were invented in 1711 by John Shore, a famous musician, and instrument maker.  Before that, forks from the kitchen were used for sound-wave testing. 

Nowadays, many practitioners including doctors use these tools as they have been shown to enhance with such practices as:

  • Massage
  • Meditation
  • Chiropractic
  • Psychotherapy
  • Reiki
  • Yoga
  • Accupressure
  • Sports Rehab

Tuning forks purpose has many, one of which is that they are used to effectively calm the mind.  Some of the sound tuning forks benefits are as follows:

  • Instant Relaxation
  • Ease tension 
  • Stress Relieving 
  • Feeling Centered and Focused 
  • Increased Energy 
  • At Peace Feelings
  • Increases level of Physical and Mental Concentration
  • Grounding 
  • Aura and Chakras Balancing

How Sound Tuning Forks Work

The sound of these tuning forks tapped together by your practitioner which then helps improve your physical, mental and spiritual body through tuning fork therapy. 

They act as sound healing forks that can help heal your spirit which in turn can help heal the body.  Tuning fork healing can help balance your entire body, mind and spirit quickly and easily using non-invasive techniques. 

Feeling run down stressed out or just lack energy lately?  This can often be a result of your body being out of balance.  These sound healing forks just may be the answer!  

Did You Know That Your Body And Energy Field Can Be Tuned?

Every day we have emotions and life occurrences that happen to all of us. Sometimes we feel upset, angry, cry.  We can also feel joy, peace and happiness.  We are energy.  Our emotions go into our energy field and we store them there.  Some days we feel really balanced and other days we may feel our energy field lacking.

After many years of memories, emotions and circumstances, we may feel out of balance or not feeling in harmony.

When practitioner, Sandra Novak uses the sound tuning forks around your aura, she intuitively sees where there are spots in your energy field that are blocking your energy and helps facilitate the healing so that they are no longer blocked.

Pure vibration is in the form of tuning forks.  Vibrational medicine is very effective at helping release the emotional baggage that isn’t good for you.  It helps you release energy that helps increase your consciousness.  Your body wants to heal itself and tuning forks can help release negative programming through this vibrational energy.

Sandra is intuitively able to visualize your heart.  Somtimes there are areas that are more dense or blocked, and sometimes she visualizes where you had a broken heart, lost a loved one, broken relationships, or hurtful words that will actually show up as cracks.

Tuning forks assist with balancing your energy.

She can intuitively see the year where your heart was broken and never healed.  Sometimes she is able to see where there is a location in your heart that is hard and no energy is in there.   She has actually watched the energy of the sound go into those areas and break up the hardness.

Vibrations affect us all.  When we focus on the good things in life and have a positive attitude, good things happen.  Having thoughts of happiness and thinking will lead to a connected sense of well being within your body and your soul.

Sound tuning forks offer healing, blessing, love and prayer.  They are all part of this miraculous experience.  This form of harmonic attunement can be equated to tuning an instrument in that you can be tuned to achieve optimal physical, mental and spiritual balance within the human body and soul.

Sandra Novak is Certified as a Sound Tuning

Practitioner and Has a Reiki One Certification.

Contact Sandra today at 480-252-7595

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