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What Are Your Rights?

Arizona Child Support... in a perfect world, you would rather not have to be researching this subject. But, in the real world, child support guidelines are a very hot topic and very important to you if it involves your family.

Arizona Child Support

You are likely looking for some answers to your questions and will likely find what you are looking for, including attorney referrals and non-custodial financial support information.

Specific to Arizona and other states as well, it's the court who will decide what financial obligation is owed to help support the child. This is determined through a set of guidelines set forth by the Arizona Supreme Court.

A very common complaint I have heard is one that is echoed across the nation. Many custodial parents do not feel that they should have to allow visitation rights to the other parent if they are not paying child support.

Regarding anyone not paying their court ordered child support, many states including Arizona law, mandates that if the parent's financial obligations through means of the Arizona child support terms are not being met, the visitation rights cannot be disrupted.

The court views visitation rights a very separate issue when it comes to child support.

And what about the other expenses such as medical and dental insurance, daycare, and many of the other expenses that go hand in hand with raising a child?

In Arizona, Arizona courts will typically include the amount of money its calculation in determining what amount the custodial parent should receive from the other parent.

Arizona laws require each parent to pay a portion of any medical bills that are not covered by insurance.

Another item taken into account in determining the amount of child support, is the amount of time a parent spends with the child. With regard to AZ child support, Arizona courts will analyze the amount of time spent with the child and will likely order the non-custodial parent to pay less money if a significant amount of time is spent with the child. As far as payment to the custodial parent is concerned, Arizona courts will typically order that the non-custodial parent's payroll be deducted the child support payment amount ordered by the court.

If you would like to determine the yearly amount that will be deducted from your pay, simply multiply the monthly support by 12 and then divide that amount by 12, assuming that you get paid every other week.

If all of this seems too complicated, you may be better off consulting a legal counsel or seeking any of the attorney referrals mentioned herein to assist you with this process.

Helpful Arizona Child Support Information

If you are a father having trouble making the financial Arizona child support payments for your child or children and are looking for help in lowering your payments, there is a very helpful site geared with non-custodial fathers in mind, called A Father Forever.   

Here, you will discover outside resources designed to help you reduce your monthly Arizona child support obligations in the state of Arizona, as well as any other state here in the United States.  This resource just may be able to help you continue to provide your moral obligation to your children while saving you some substantial money at the same time. 

The information you find at this resource may apply to such situations in other states, but it is advised to contact the interested state as well as a legal professional to help guide you for the best possible outcome.

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